Gas Detectors

NSD-Gas Detector with Flame Proof 12/24 volt operatedLPG/PNG alarm, adopting high quality electrochemical gassensor and advanced technology, has the advantage of goodstability and long life span. The installation method can betap-top, ceiling hung and wall mounted.Easy to installation and operate. When the gas concentrationin the air reaches the presetting alarming level, the detectorwill give audio(extranal) …

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Intuder Panel

C&I INTRODUCTION Control & indication (C & I) are control switches and indication lights. These switches used for settingsand control of devices. Indication displays the working status/ information. Bellow in a photographNumbers represent each control switch & indication /display. It is for easy to Use &understand theproduct. TECHNICAL ) OPERATING VOLTAGE : 12 DC+ 10%2) …

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Fire Bus

Fire bus is a single zone fire alarm panel with inbuilt hooter and one zone line for connecting detectors, MCB.One hooter & MCB already fitted for manul operation.There is three swatches for Power, silence & Reset.Power switch is ON-OFF switch for activate & deactivatethe device & salience switch is used for mute the Hooterafter detecting …

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Auto Daille

This device is used for information on remote location via yourtelephone or mobile. Dialer unit is connected to the securitysystem (integrated or individual).In case of emergency thisdevice Dail automatically pre-feeded no.& play the pre recordedmassage SPECIFICATION:- 6 X 2 character LCD Display (optional).Micro processor based Auto Dialer.Compatible with any security/fire alarm panelUp to 20 lines …

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