Gas Detectors

NSD-Gas Detector with Flame Proof 12/24 volt operated
LPG/PNG alarm, adopting high quality electrochemical gas
sensor and advanced technology, has the advantage of good
stability and long life span. The installation method can be
tap-top, ceiling hung and wall mounted.
Easy to installation and operate. When the gas concentration
in the air reaches the presetting alarming level, the detector
will give audio(extranal) and visual alarming promptly, which
informs the user to adopt measure to avoid the fire, explosion etc.
And avoid dangerous accidents happening

High quality Gas sensor
Front Digital Display
Power LED & Alarm LED
Flash alarm Relay

Model : NSD-2020-FPD
Working voltage : DC24/12volt
Detecting Gas : LPG/PNG
Working environment : Temperature 10-50 (Celsius)
Gas Sampling : Natural diffusion
Alarm Method : Visual and audible extranal
Alarm sound : > 90db(1m)
Sensor type : Electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor
Sensor Life : > 5 Years

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