Gas Flooding Panel-2

The microprocessor based automatic Gas Release Control and
indication panel is designed to cross zoning the fire input and control fire
in earliest practicable moment with the help 24 V Extinguisher output .
The panel operates on 220 V AC Mains with 24 V DC Battery
as a stand by power , The built in circuit provide constant voltage
charging to maintain the battery capacity.

Operates on 220 V AC supply
Stand by battery backup with Built in charging

error free panel status in unambiguous colored LED indication
vSystem on Mains ON battery Low status indication
vLow battery visual warning with Audit able tone
vTwo Modes Operating Facility (Auto / Manual )
vCross Zoning Facility
v24 V Solenoid Output with On and Off timer
vManual Gas Release without timer
vManual Abort Facility
vRugged CRCA sheet with powder coated finish
vModular Construction
vRelay Output for actuators
The enclosure of the panel is constructed by CRCA Sheet with
powder-coated finish and its designed to afford the degree of protection
as per IP54 , The 20 mm Knock outs are given for cable entry at the top
of the cabinet.
The Panel has a built in battery space for 2Nos of 12 V , 7 AH
The front side of the panel consist of the following
1) Control Switches
2) LED Indication

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