Excel-PA Panel

Your LEXUS fire alarm panel comes with its internal robust
Power unit, changer change over circuit mains fail to
batt ery & vice versa.Card less motherboard & express board.
Panel has spaced of 2No. 17AH battery,8 to 40 flexible zones
facility with the individuals Hooter lines and a common point
which gives continuous output voltage . Also has provision
of extra relay contact.

1– Micro controller based & fault monitoring system.
2– Separate LED display for individuals zones.
3– Zones wise/common hooter facility
4– Zone wise repeaters fire & fault(optioninal).
5– Tactile type switch building evacuation, lamp test zone
test walk reset the system.
6– Visual indication of common fire, common fault mains,
charging low battery etc. In built auto charging.
7– Audio visual indication for fire/fault(zone wise).
8– Common silence switch for accept of fire/fault/ zone/ power) and respective common relay.
9–System comes with trailer based Public address system with microphone for announcement.
With AAL-CALL switch & selection switch for announcement

The enclosure of the panel is constructed by CRCA Sheet with powder-coated finish and its designed to afford
the degree of protection as per IP54 , The 20 mm Knock outs are given for cable entry at the top of the cabinet.
The Panel has a built in battery space for 2Nos of 12 V , 7 AH Batteries.
The front side of the panel consist of the following
1) Control Switches
2) LED Indication
3)Selector switch +ALL -CALL switch.

Technical Data
1) Operating Voltage : 24 Dc + 10%.
2) Mains Supply : 220v Ac.
3) Stand By Supply : 24v Dc.
4) Auxiliary Charger : 24v/1amp.
5) Voltage Charger : 26.6v.
6) Stand By Current : 15.6ma Zone.
7) Alarm Current : 35ma Zone
8) Ac Fuse Rating : 750 Ma.
9) Dc Fuse Rating : 1.5amp.
10) Dimensions : (500x400x110)m.m
11) Weight : Depends on Amplifier Wattage
12) PA System : As per Requirement (Ahuja Make)

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