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our LEXUS fire alarm panel comes with its internal robust
Power unit, changer change over circuit mains fail to batt ery & vice versa.
Card less motherboard & express board. Panel has spaced of 2No. 17AH battery,
8 to 40 flexible zones facility with the individuals Hooter lines and a common
point which gives continuous output voltage . Also has provision of extra relay

1– Micro controller based & fault monitoring system.
2– Separate LED display for individuals zones.
3– Zones wise/common hooter facility
4– Zone wise repeaters fire & fault(optioninal).
5– Tactile type switch building evacuation, lamp test zone test walk reset the system.
6– Visual indication of common fire, common fault mains, charging low battery etc.
7– In built auto charging.
8– Audio visual indication for fire/fault(zone wise).
9– Common silence switch for accept of fire/fault/ zone/ power) and respective common relay.
10–If multiple condition appear in same time press salience switch again & again till the
streaming of condition .In that condition sounder & buzzer will activate again .After
rectification of fault press reset switch.
11–System is fully detachable card by card such as power unit, mother board, switch
pad, express board etc. Thus servicing is simple, cost effective and time saving also.
This process does not need very experienced person, thus you can easily change
the defective part

The PA system is designed to individual selector switch & respective indicating lamp.
Individual selector switch is design for announcement in particular area. So operator can select
the are where public addressing/evacution is needed. Hooter/speaker output automatically sounds
evacuated /alert fire in case of fire signal if fire panel input is collaborated with this panel. These hooter/
speaker activated in selective areas as directed by fire alarm panel. Whole premisses can be evacuate
through ALL- CALL switch.
The panel operates on 220 V AC Mains with 24 V DC Battery as a stand by power .The built in circuit
provide constant voltage charging to maintain the battery capacity.
Inbuilt Power amplifier to drive the all speaker simultaneous play.
High quality unidirectional mike for announcement.
Dual function audio system for hooter cum announcement.
Low battery visual warning with Audio able tone.
Zone wise PA Selector switch & Talk -Back operating switch.
All switch are with individual ON indication LED.
P.A Announcement Hooter Output with silence facility.
Manual test/Evacute facility/Selector with All-Call facility.
Rugged CRCA sheet with powder coated finish.
Modular Construction.
Relay Output for associate gadgets.
Stand by battery backup with Built in charging

Before the installation of any device it is necessary to choose the right place.
In the case of fire alarm system it is necessary to see the following points.
1) Do not install system in high radioactive, magnetic field and moisture area.
2) Where the heavy Electric cables junction and shock hazard area.
3) In restricted area enclosed area.
4) For the installations of a panel make sure the back box assemble is held
accurately against the wall, and mark the position of the four fixing holes .
Fix it by hole.
Before connection field wire is must to check them by a low voltage millimeter.
It is must be satisfied hooter or other control circuit are giving right symptom.
If found dough full please check them again. Before the system commissioning
all the detection zone lines circuit must be check the resistance between each line
& negative must be check and certified to be 4.7 Ohm +- 10%.
After the line have been found satisfactory then the detection & sounder circuit
connected as per wiring with diagram. Now connected battery supply first, power
fault & system on lamps glow(wrong connection reverse Battery lamps glow).
Now connected mains 230V mains lamps & system on glow system will silent.

Please note that
This may burn fire alarm panel or PA System.

1–Turn on power switch, all lamps glow once for few seconds & buzzer will short
beep. Digital LCD will shows initial massages & company product information in
brief till few moments.
2– All lamps glow with internal sounder for few moment. this is initial lamp test to
monitor the physical check the LED. If lamps not glow in LED display card check
ribbon cable in proper position & tightly inserted in its header box.
3–In alarm condition check the Respective zone & search fire become alarm actuated.
point. Remove respective zone & monitor fire lamps glow remain OFF.
LCD will display massage . Now remove fault &check it again.
Reset the system, sensor become normal condition.
4–To test silence simulate open or short of detection line fault lamp glow. Monitor
fault lamp glow & common fault relay energies with continues tone. Push silence
and system will be silence monitor fault lamp relay switch while zonal fault lamps
remain it.
LCD Display
EVACUATE :- If the operator/security officer understand the fire is hard to handle.
and hooter are in idle position, then he can activate hooters manually by pressing
this button. This is manual alert switch to evacuate in case of fire emergency.
LAMP TEST :- To check the LED in healthy position condition press this switch.
ALL LED will be glow for few seconds with the buzzer sound.
RESET :- This has provided for restarting the system after any event or function.
24X 4 LCD:- Display information received from slave. More then one information
will be display one by one in each line. LCD clearly show the status of slave like
FIRE/OPEN/SHORT. Information will display till the remove of FIRE/SHORT/OPEN.
Controls & indicator
ZONE TEST :- This switch for automatic testing of detector lines/zone lines. This is working
four zone per transition of fire & same for open /short. During this test common hooter sounds
for 3-4 sec & buzzer beeps for as real fire. similarly buzzer sounds as actual open /short condition.
Also LED are glowing for few moment as running test. All other relays and outputs are unaffected
in this test.
SILENCE :- Whenever fire/open/ short signal comes from zone line/brak glass /detector
internal buzzer beeps as in fire or fault. Fire beeps are interrupted & fault beeps (open or short) are
continues tone. Also respective LED glow & LCD display the information. Fire hooter are starts hooting.

Silence switch mute the buzzer & hooters. Other relay & out puts are un affected from this switch .

WALK TEST :- This switch for maintenance purpose & not used regularly. During
maintenance suppose there is only one person and he want test smoke detector locate at
far from panel. In that condition he can not reach immediately to silence the panel .
At that period Form long distance sensor to panel, hooter will raise untrue alarm . It may
be create unwanted panic .So before testing long distance sensor press walk Test switch
Hooter will not operated for 15 minutes & there after it will in normal condition.
Reset switch is used to abandon Walk test action.
Zone LED Display
ZONE NO. :- This is print on sticker for displaying the Zone No.
NORMAL LED.:- These are pair of Green LED. Glow in below condition.
At the time of system start/Normal.
At the time of lamp test.
If the Zone line is off .this pair of LED goes off. In case of fire & short/openthis pair also OFF
FIRE LED.:- These are pair of RED LED. Glow in 3 condition.
At the time of system start/Reset (for 2-3 sec.)
At the time of lamp test.
If the FIRE in respective zone. This mean whenever FIRE detected by zone.
It is automatically off if FIRE resolved.
FAULT LED:- These are pair of yellow LED. Glow in 3 condition. These are OPEN/SHORT LED
OPEN/SHORT detected in zone line called fault..
At the time of system start/Reset (for 2-3 sec.)
At the time of lamp test.
Although fault LED glow but LCD display SHORT/OPEN with zonr no.
It is automatically off if OPEN/SHORT resolved.

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8) AC FUSE RATING : 750 ma.for fire alarm
10) DIMENSIONS : (500X400X110)m.m
11) WEIGHT : Depends on Amplifier Watt
13) Amplifier watt : Calculated by No. Of Speaker

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